60 days and my DINOSAUR


Today g caffe completes two months of existence i.e, 60 days of super duper blogging. So congratulations to all of us walking together. It’s been a Dinosaur journey all the way. Now you must be wondering what is a dinosaur journey! Have you ever sat on a dinosaur? I have.

These two months have been like sitting on a dinosaur and seeing the world with such an amazing and new heights.The view from here is indescribable – simply in-di-skrahy-buh-buh and the feeling is exhilaration personified.

Joy of Blogging, and celebrating
It was a great feeling to publish the first 25 posts that completed on January 6, 2012

At the dinosaur height I got to see the vision I have been wanting to see all these years. I could see the world far far away, things big and small, over the seas, oceans and beyond the skies.

And my Dinosaur even knew how to fly so it spread its wings and took a magnificent flight to spaces and horizons unknown to me.

Today, me and my Dino are grateful from the core of our hearts to all those who stood by us in this marvelous journey. And also to those who did not stand by me as I became stronger and grew taller. Special thanks to all those who are actively participating with me in brewing my coffee and stirring my sugar, making me sweeter.

And a million thanks to the COFFEE MACHINE – I wouldn’t be here if it was not for you all.

Ohhhhh, My Dino is super excited and thrilled by the overseas visits by each one of you who drop by all the way into our caffe daily. So here’s G signing off. My Dino is ready to take off on a new flight. Jubilation’s for today and looking forward to seeing more of you all.

Till then shine in your glory and spread your radiance around.

  • Dana

    Coffee cheers!

    🙂 hugs

  • Gitanjali

    May your DINO-SOAR!!!!!!!!!!!

    All the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t say I’ve rode a dinosaur before, but I have ridden a camel. The view from up there wasn’t too bad at all 😛 Just came across your blog, but congratulations!

  • Congrats!


  • Being a co-blogger, I understand the moment. It calls for celebrations, indeed. A great achievement that deserves matching encouragement and applause. Congratulations. Looking forward to your 50th post.

    • G

      Many a thanks……Celebrate we shall indeed….


    • G

      Thank u hai ji……..

  • Mine is 19 months old during which I have met so many delightful and talented people. It is the most important part of my day reading and commenting.

    • G

      Thats the best part.Meeting new people and reading new posts daily…
      i so love this..

  • My excitement mounts each time I see the number of views I have had.

    • G

      hahhahaahahahahahahaaaaa……… so true….