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90 days 90 articles – MISSION SUCCESSFUL


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It feels like yesterday when on the completion of two super-duper months I rode on my Dinosaur and celebrated 60 days. Time just flew like cotton in the breeze.

Okay… I will not take you on my Dinosaur this time when today we complete 90 stupendous days together.

It’s been a whirlpool this month and we managed to sail through with triumph on our sails.

But I’m awestruck by the dedication of my readers and followers. I have never seen such an amazing response before. Heartfelt thanks for the same.

Thanks to all those who have walked with me and held my hand all through out, without you I would not have sailed this far. So many efforts seen and so many unseen bring me till here today and I sincerely thank you for all those efforts.




  • http://www.facebook.com/Tarun.Kak.Raina Tarun Kak Raina


  • http://neerajbhushan.com/ Neeraj Bhushan

    Nelson Mandela — The African Gandhi – always inspires me. Most importantly, for this quote – “It always seems impossible until it’s done”; and you seem to have DONE what’s otherwise impossible. 90 articles in 90 days, which sounds like Around The World In 90 Days, is a target no one has achieved, in my knowledge. You (but) did it. Congratulations.

    Hey, do you know it raises expectations of your readers, at the same time. They (including me) would now look for ONE post a day, everyday from you. Should I invoke Mandela again… i.e. it always seems impossible until it’s done. Bests.

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