Global Internet Use

…One third of the world’s population is online

…Half of Internet users below the age of 25

Internet use in 2006

Internet use in 2011

Is Internet the second world today or merely a world created by us? Curiously enough, I was on a hook to find out as to how many people actually use Internet, after I came across an estimate of International Telecommunication Union, World Telecommunication/ICT Development Report and database, and World Bank.

Internet and the Generation Gap © The Gappuccino ~ gcaffe.comThough we understand that there’s everything available on Internet – from knowledge to entertainment, STILL…… I found that just 35 PER CENT of the global population use INTERNET today.

But should we feel satisfied that even this is a huge increase in last few years, compared to the 2006 figures that said only 18 per cent of the people globally used Internet.

Further, may we also understand that merely one third of the world population is using Internet today, though our earth is home to 7 billion people now…!!!

I also found that about half of this Internet user community is below the age of 25. Is it also then a reason for such widening generation gap in the modern times?

…and here too, China is leading the race as Internet users in China represent almost 25 per cent of the world’s total Internet users and 37 per cent of the developing countries’ Internet users, as per the International Telecommunication Union.


  • ashish

    i feel pvt people hardly make it up, it’s the govts that increase the percentage.