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This Is Unbelievable…!!!

Pragati Mehra
Pragati Mehra

People who saw SATYAMEV JAYATE are posting praises on their Facebook walls like… and I’m quoting a friend Pragati Mehra: “I like the show… I like the content… I appreciate the research… and in successive episodes would like to see Aamir Khan the ‘human being’ and not the perfect actor that I’ve already seen all these years… Kudos to the effort and the team… Satyamev Jayate… Salute.”

And on their BlackBerry status many wrote — “Satyamev Jayate rocks”, “Satyamev Jayate The Truth Prevails”… and those who missed the show on Star as also on Doordarshan (first time that any show would be aired simultaneously on two channels) posted: “Oh, I missed Satyamev Jayate!”, “Missed Aamir”, “When is the repeat?”… WOW.

Oh… not to mention people tweeting about it… and I would quote Farhan Akhtar:  “Satyamev Jayate. A show with a heart”. Many said it is a real eye-opener and will have a direct impact on the population! What a rage in just one episode … on the very first day!

Ok. Take a look at the Satyamev Jayate theme song, composed by Ram Sampath with lyrics by Prasoon Joshi and directed by Ram Madhvani.

Tere rang aisa chadh gayaKoi aur rang na chadh sake.
Tera naam seeney pe likhaHar koi aake padh sakey.

~ S A T Y A M E V   J A Y A T E ~


Ashish Kaul on Satyamev Jayate
Ashish Kaul

“What’s big about it,” countered actor Ashish Kaul … “There’s nothing new about the show. We had many such shows in the past. One such show is also aired on Zee… and which nobody watches. The whole hoopla is… Aamir hosting the show that premiered on a Sunday at 11 a.m. that is more a trademark of great TV operas Ramayan and Mahabharata.

“Look at the months, platforms, and their ‘thought-provoking dil pe lagne waala’ slogan before the show finally began on May 6. The entire thing and everything is about Aamir only, he being a great star.”

Ooooooh… the show directed by Satyajit Batkal, under Aamir Khan Productions, and anchored by Aamir Khan has taken the nation by a storm. I got many a mixed reviews before the show started but then no one exactly knew what it was about. So after many a months I picked up the remote reluctantly to see what is the whole furor about. And then I could not take my eyes off the television screen.

Aamir Khan dominated the small screen after many a years — as he said in a press meeting that he has been on this for the last two years. It is his most ambitious project and very close to his heart. It truly proved to be so. He showed how women fought for their dreams and survived the ruthless times. He touched the sensitive topic of female infanticide and inequality… women who have suffered and moved out of this vicious circle. Legally, medically and socially how we have accepted that this happens in our society and we don’t do anything about it…!!!

He also showed the truth behind the various forums in India and how people cover up all the various heinous crimes. The very basic eye-opener was that female infanticide is basically prevalent in the urban educated high society … be it doctors, lawyers or educationists and he broke the myth that it is the rural and the uneducated who indulge in these crimes.

As I can see he has started many a debates, many a rights and wrongs which we shall touch as the episode after episode unfolds.

Actor Pragati Mehra, known very fondly as Thakurain in the Hindi television serial Uttran, told me that: “The common understanding of we the people in India is that it is the man who is the culprit behind the infanticide but the truth is that it is the female who is responsible and who forces the women to commit and indulge in such crimes. Now the main thing which I would like to see is that what difference would Satyamev Jayate make to improve this situation. It surely has been an eye-opener and has shown us many a truths but will Aamir Khan actually take any steps to strengthen this issue. Before Aamir Khan, many a people have tried to start programmes like this but they have not succeeded in strongly taking the issue and resolving them, as they did not get any adequate support.

“Sometime back, Kiron Kher had also started a similar reality show but had to shut the shop as it fizzled out. Many a social activists are doing such work in urban and rural areas tirelessly but they are not even noticed by the media or the people who are praising heaps on Aamir this time. Yes, Aamir Khan may get the required support and he also has the resources to pull this long one and make a difference. The broadcasters may not have backed the common people but this time they seem to be supporting the superstar, at least.”

True. Aamir Khan, through this episode, has racked up everyone from the Medical Council of India to the common people. He questions quite assertively as to why are those allowed to go scot-free who commit such crimes… why aren’t they punished, why are such cases not even reported and why action is not taken when something somewhere is exposed…!!!

“Kayee aisey tim-timate chiraag hain jo roshni failaa rahen hain,” Aamir said as he took us to a village in Punjab where with the help of all the people the Deputy Commissioner Krishna Kumar has attempted and succeeded to raise the low girl count to equal… so in Navasheher Punjab, there are 1000 boys and a 1000 girls. Such an amazing feat. Parity.

In the episode telecast May 6, he takes up a sting operation in Rajasthan involving two persons and then  appeals to Indians to join hands and stand up against crime.

Let’s see… hopefully he is trying to awaken a sleeping nation and may be… he can make a difference… but as he said it is the common man who has to make the effort and fight… He said it is I and you who are the Jaadu Ki Chhadi  (magic wand)… so if we decide that this won’t happen, then it won’t happen; and we become a part of India Shining.

Finally, Swanand Khirke and Ram Sampath concluded the maiden show with a song which brought tears in the eyes:

Oh re Chiraaiya meri chiraaiya

Angna mein mere phir aaja re

Tere pankhon mein saare sitare jadun

Tere nainon mein kali raina bharun

Angna mein mere phir aaja re


Neeraj Bhushan
Neeraj Bhushan

But journalist Neeraj Bhushan has a word of caution: “I understand Aamir would be opening many a files of women and children who were denied justice or were treated unequally. May he one day open the file of his former wife Reema and children too… or is he merely there to become even more aamir (richer) by collecting mountains Sunday after Sunday with his teary starts.

“I too became a couch potato dot 11 this Sunday… and tweeted very positively about the show but could not watch beyond five minutes… C’mon we don’t want lectures from Aamir. He is just an actor. We have had enough of Amitabh Bachchan when he would vouch for Mulayam Singh’s Uttar Pradesh then… ‘UP mein dum hain, Kyunki zurm yahan kam hai’.

“Did female foeticide in India surface all of a sudden one fine Sunday just because Aamir Khan says it and says it for money… Well, Aamir’s small screen venture by way of his weekly stories may earn him kudos, as one knows our middle class mentality… they want to cry… and Aamir is exactly doing that.”

So…guys…how do you rate Satyamev Jayate — Full House or …!!! Has Aamir Khan exposed India’s grim reality by his show…!!! How real is Aamir Khan’s show? Does it jolt your inner core? Did you go into an emotional overdrive to do something WATCHING HIM… will you be doing anything, something to make a change? Lastly, will you be there again next Sunday… at 11 a.m. before your TV… allowing your home to be full of disbelief, horror, tears and smiles… all watching… glued… to let Aamir win…!!!


GCAFFE THANKS ~~~~~ Pragati Mehra, Ashish Kaul, Neeraj Bhushan, Vidur Kunzroo, Dinesh Shankar Shailendra and Shashi Jain for their seen and unseen efforts.

  • ashish kaul

    If we leave aside Aamir Khan and the publicity, I feel its a normal show. Cannot be compared with Mahabharat. A TRP of 98, Aamir will have to play God to get that. That was the commercial side of it. Secondly one cannot sit in a family and watch such shows. This team has been advised wrongly that this kind of content is acceptable in a joint family. Full marks to the team effort for bringing these topics to such a platform. Somehow the idiot box as they call it, has to grow up for such programmes. All the best for its team.

  • Female foeticide in India did not surface one Sunday – agreed. But the research and effort put in by the makers of the show is commendable. It is true that they grab the eyeballs because Aamir is a superstar while the other similar shows weren’t that fortunate in garnering viewership. I think we need to give Aamir credit for his marketing skills here.

    I personally liked the fact that it is being aired on Doordarshan – country’s only free-to-air channel. And also the format of the show. I would say kudos to the makers for choosing topics that truly concern the society and presenting them in a manner they do. Irrespective of the concerns being there from time immemorial or of they being raised on other platforms as well.

    And lastly, you, of all the people, know what it means to stir a hornet’s nest 🙂