Brain – A Remarkable Machine

by Ashish Kaul

I read somewhere —

“What screws up most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be.”

…Does it mean that we are so focused on the picture of perfection that we miss all the things that could better our lives!

Hello! We’ve A Brain Too!!! And let’s not forget that. 🙂

Indeed… Our brain is a remarkable machine.

If one settles down and decides to evaluate things, one would come to a conclusion that many people follow a set path of objectives to achieve a desired goal.

And many a times even the set goals are predefined. Hence the results are either satisfactory or not so satisfactory.

However, at no point… one tries to target a new objective. Only if it could have been, then one would have noticed that… ALWAYS the result would be something new, some thing unimagined.

It would not fall in the already set categories of –

  1. Good
  2. Poor or
  3. Bad

Today, most of the technology is patented. But can you tell me if AT ALL anything NEW has been invented, actually… in the recent past… or in the modern world (leaving a few exceptions)?

Basic inventions like computer, phone, electricity etc. have been there for more than 100 years now. Even various theories have been there for bundle of years, people are only redefining them.

I am thus of an opinion that creative minds should be free from any limitations and boundaries. Even the concept of money bounds a mind, hence great minds should allow commerce people to do business and should stay away from finance.

I would rather welcome someone drawing a sketch of a flower pot upside down, as it just might show that person’s imagination of the pot hanging free without gravity.

As a matter of fact, the more we learn the more we want to teach. Somewhere… when something gets missed… we tend to learn what’s taught to us and in the process we forget to use our own imagination. We don’t realise we have a brain too.

Life is full of surprises, the more you imagine the more you learn. One doesn’t have to break any rules to imagine freely.

Just free yourself from rules and your mind will be free. Learn with a free mind and imagination will be without boundaries.