Ashish kaul

         A SHORT STORY


           ~ASHISH KAUL~

Once God came in my dreams at night… He whispered into my ear… something which I was unable to hear. Therefore, I asked Him to repeat.

He said, “If I speak again, every one would be able to hear it.” But… anyhow… I needed to know it… so I requested Him to repeat… and this time when He said… it was really loud, and so everyone heard it. It was the secret code to achieve happiness.

I was happy that I had registered it well. But deep in my heart I was sad, “Why didn’t I hear it first time!”… as now everyone else also knew it!!!

In the morning, my mother woke me up for school. While walking in the corridors, I tried to recollect my dream. But then… somehow I had forgotten the secret code. I cursed myself for being so careless.

“But then it was only a dream,” I consoled myself and went ahead with my day.

I always wanted to be better than my friends who were smarter and richer. Even though I tried to compete with my resources, I could not. I would back off from the conversation at a certain point every time. Most of the times some topics revolved around expensive items which I had not seen or even heard of… and many a times it would be words I would not understand…!

Days passed… and once again God came in my dreams and whispered. This time I did not ask Him to repeat. When I woke up, I recollected what He had said to me at night. I looked for a paper and a pen and quickly wrote it down. Then I kept it in my drawer.

While in class… not once did I speak about it. Soon it was lunch time and I was sitting next to the window when Sam came up to me and asked, “What’s the matter?”  I was reluctant to tell him about my dream, but then I was not sure whether it was true. I asked him, “Do you believe in dreams?” He said, “No.”

And at night, I prayed to God to come in my dreams once again… I had so many questions. Late at night He did come…  and asked me… “Why was I so disturbed?” I said, “God, before I do all the listed things you’ve asked me to do, the ones you have suggested, to get happiness, I need to be sure whether all these actually exist… What you’re saying’s true?”

He smiled at me and said, “My dear, what do I have to do to make you believe that I exist!”

Before I could think of the answer, my mother woke me up. This was becoming a difficult exercise. I was reaching nowhere. My school was an unhappy experience and no one could help me. I thought over and decided to find a different way to get help.  The list was long. Of all the things which God had said to me I had it documented. I remembered He had said, “If I followed them, my wishes would come true.”

He had said, “I need to listen first.”… “But I always listened!” Sure, the dream was not true. Sam was right dreams do not come true.

I was not at all happy with the sequence of the dos and don’ts. I sat there looking at the sheet of paper, which I was going to throw into the bin.  I decided to ignore the whole episode and follow what Sam had said.

Time passed by. I had grown. My school was not the same. My friends were different. My dreams were mostly of girls.

At school, there was once a special prayer service. I said to myself, “Was there a need?” All the preaching was a waste of precious time. I asked my mother that evening, “Why do people pray? And why more when they get old?” My mother was always ready for my questions. All these years I had asked so many questions and she did give me quite a few convincing answers.

“Darling, I will tell you a secret.” She stopped her regular cooking and sat beside me. “When she was a small girl, she was a very unhappy child. She always wanted to be rich and famous.” so once she prayed and that very night God came to her in her dreams.

It seemed she had read my childhood diary. It was my story throughout. Then whatever she spoke; I was listening like never before. The sequence of events, the list, and all the rest was the same.

I waited to ask her so many things until she finished.

Immediately, I asked her: “Did you get what God had promised you?”

And she said: “Yes.”