Love Extraordinaire’

All these years I met a few 1000 people along the path of life. Some I carried along with me… Some I kept hidden in my heart… Some I let go… Some stood like rocks… Some flew away… Some drifted apart in due course of time…

The most common thing in all of them who touched my life was that they all Loved Me …

Even if they touched briefly they did love me to the core.

In all these years I realised… I lived in a paradise… A sort of dream world… Semi magical… where fairy land existed… elves could fly… I could dance… and birds would sing… and there was love in each and every particle I touched… Every cell would ooze romance…

I somehow found love where ever I went or should I say Love followed me… yeah it did… sound’s better to the ears too. It followed me and places where it did not I created it there. Maybe it’s a gift from God to me and maybe I’m born for this reason only.

So many taught me how to love and so many taught me how to touch… So many lives I lived with each and every soul I met. A different story … a different smile… a different reason to love each time…

Each and every one I met has made me today what I am. I was gifted freedom to love and live with happiness which I think is the biggest gift. I was accepted as I am wherever I went… whomsoever I met…

Though in all these years there was just one thing I found out which I did wrong and that is my belief that everyone is like me… thinks like me… loves like me… AAhhhhh….!!!

It surely wasn’t the case at all. People had their own rigid ideas I could not shake… reasons I could not fathom… silent woes I could not hear… a language I did not know… Maybe I came from a different world and thought differently…  How hard I tried… till I had to let go which I am sad about. But something’s gotta be done… so they gotta be done… Sigh…!!!

I also realised that forgiveness is a virtue not many possess. My motto always has been to ‘Forgive & Forget’ … but I sadly say… not many I know can do that.

I have been condemned so many a times by so many for loving all whom I met… and keeping the love alive in each relationship for many a centuries. How many times did I hear …”Oh it’s a waste … nothing lasts forever… there’s no such thing as love… people are mean… they only know how to use you… they will walk over you…Blah…Blah…Blah…!!!”

I heard all with an open heart as I know they are my well wishers but somehow life proved all of them wrong. I found love over and over again and it proved its worth each time. And I smiled as I knew I’m right.

Nothing could deter me from the path of love… (okay some did ditch me badly). I would hug all still even now as I did when I was a child. I still spread love and happiness to whomsoever I meet with a clean heart. And mind you many a times my such affection was misinterpreted as being loose and was approached differently. Not that I cared what anyone said… I know I don’t think like others and I’m trusted by my loved ones… That’s all that matters.

I discovered love existed in each and every thing I touched… as if I had Midas’s touch … as he turned things to gold… I did the same. I also saw the purest form of love being loyalty and undying dedication for reasons unknown to mankind…

I also saw some souls being uncommon and extraordinary who spread love extraordinaire’ never seen before… quite like me.

I’m blessed…

Truly Blessed…

  • If there’s love, who needs stars, the moon, the verdant greens,the leafy bowers? It’s all just there, with you, within you.
    Yes, Love will stay.
    Great read.

    • G

      Thank you Vina jee… Thanks a lot.

  • pixiemehra

    really beautiful.

    • G

      Thanks Pixie… many a thanks.

  • Beautiful narration had me gripped. Any person who has love in the heart is non-judgmental! A quote by Max Muller which I believe in ~ ‘A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love’.
    Wish you all the joy !

    • G

      Oh… Mighty Thanks… Thanks for dropping by…
      Are u from the forces… I qoute this quote on gcaffe today Brig. Naidu. Many a thanks.

      • So glad you liked the quote! Ha ha I am just Dilip on the great big blogosphere n enjoying meeting all the wonderful people.
        It’s nice to know you G and I like reading your posts!

      • Glad you like the quote 🙂 You are right but on the blogosphere I am known as Dilip 🙂
        Cheers & be blessed!

        • G

          Thanks a lot… Actually my dad’s too been in the forces… though retired now… So…!!!
          Thanks for dropping by always…

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