WordPress And I

By G

As I march ahead blogging on WordPress, I am suddenly alerted by an overwhelming fraternity of bloggers around the world who are walking shoulder to shoulder in their individual quests. O My God… and I am given to understand that right now there are 54,093,432 people blogging already across the globe. I am happy I am counted.

There’s no good reason not to share this as my own stats is growing much to my satisfaction as new readers are joining me almost everyday, many of them being new visitors. Coupled with overwhelming comments, this place is demanding more of my time and energy that I so willingly give.

I started gcaffe on December 9, 2011 i.e. a little over six months back and while I was trying to decipher as to how many people read blogs on WordPress.com… and I’m impressed to learn that over 326 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages on WordPress each month.

Then I also tried to find out as to how many posts are published on WordPress.com… and I’m again impressed to know that WordPress.com users produce about 500,000 new posts and 400,000 new comments on an average day. Mind-boggling!!!

Also, apart from a list of all those who blog at WordPress, I am given to understand that it’s such a versatile platform that … who actually does not publish here… from TechCrunch to TED, CNN, and the National Football League, WOW… WordPress.com users span a broad range.

Then, WordPress blogs are also written in over 120 languages… and I am pleased to share the breakdown of 10 major languages used here:

  1. English 66%
  2. Spanish 8.7%
  3. Portuguese 6.5%
  4. Indonesian 3.5%
  5. Italian 2%
  6. German 1.8%
  7. French 1.4%
  8. Russian 1.1%
  9. Vietnamese 1.1%
  10. Swedish 1.0%

For those who say blogs are showing slow down, let me tell them that as of 2011, over 100,000 new WordPresses were created every day. I know there are a lot of places you could put your writings and photographs… but I would be happy if I can be of any help to set up a place for you here as well. Happy blogging!!! And hey, are you game?