…all the teens & tensions

It’s a strange feeling…

My son is growing up… He wants to break loose but I’m not ready to let him go… Does everyone go through this or am I the only one….?

I can see him rebelling slowly slowly… As I hold on to him he’s holding on to me too but I know he shall leave.

He’s entering his teens and doing what all teenagers do. I am a liberal mom or so I believe I am… he must be having a different view I’m sure.

He wants a facebook account… a google plus… an email… twitter… phew…!!!

I think I’m not ready yet to let him start all this social networking but I know I won’t be able to stop him for long. I dread those days when he shall start all this and waste all his time.

As I speak to my friends who have kids of different age groups I find out that some are really strict about how their kids behave and some don’t care at all. Surprised as I was and the debate was endless.

When is the right age to let children go free…………!!!

My parents I think to some extent are still holding on to me and I hope they are not reading this… (Mercy God).

I’m still scolded by them… guided by them… many a things I really don’t approve of…. but got no choice. I know so many men who follow their mothers like a bible even now in their 40’s and I wonder why…! And it is not that they like doing what they are told to… (who would). If the parents restrict a particular act then it is done behind their backs… so what’s the point…

I feel I would be doing the same – restricting the kids and they would do behind my back… so I’m worried.

Compared to many other mothers I know … I’m a lenient mother and bend almost always and many a folks do not like that but when it is needed to pull them up I do… The question is when and how to let them go.

As he opens his account … I wish I knew the password… his phone is locked for no reason ( I know that too) but I need to let him go…


My sole reason is to save him from this big bad world… to teach him what is right and wrong …