The Dreamer

Parikshit Mehra

I went to bed with a premonition that it was going to be a beautiful night. A full moon glowed from behind the mango tree outside my bedroom window and covered me and my bed with a carpet of soft light. There was an unreal quality to the night.

There was a special unheard music that filled the peaceful silence. I had a funny feeling which was difficult to explain. It reminded me of the time when as a boy I was promised a gift and spent the day in school with a joyous feeling of anticipation that a wonderful surprise awaited me when I returned home. The school day, then, took on a rosier hue and there would be a special glow tucked away somewhere in my heart.

And so I fell asleep and entered the mysterious world of the unconscious mind. A world  amazingly vast and rich. A world which would transform itself upon my slightest wish. I dreamt that I went to a very beautiful place, in a  most wonderful part of the world and there I saw a  beautiful girl, who lived in a pretty house. She often played with her cute dog who had big loving eyes, long ears and a continuously waging tail. But how did I know she was beautiful for I could not see her face. I tried, but in the dream, I just could not see her. But I still somehow knew of her beauty. And so I stood in street outside her house waiting patiently for her to emerge so that I could see her at closer quarters. At long last she did come, emerging from the front door like a nymph of some magical land, going out to attend to some errand that surely must be mundane for that world.

I tried very hard to see her as she passed by (quite unaware of my presence), but even in daylight her features were a blur. Finally, tired, I lay down under a tree near her house  and fell asleep and in my dream, I  had a dream. In the dream, a disembodied spirit came to me  and said, “If you really want to see her then come” and beckoned me to follow it – which I did. It took me to a strange and exotic place filled with a silvery light. It took me to a waterfall and asked me to drink its water. When I cupped my hands to hold the water, I found that the water was in fact, liquid flowing light. I drank of it and at once saw the girl, a creature of the most exquisite beauty.

I stood transfixed, amazed that such beauty could exist, fearful that the vision would vanish upon my least move. It was as if the water-light had quenched a deep thirst, a thirst that had always been with me, so much a part of me, that I knew not even that it was painful. The divine features emblazoned themselves upon my memory and awakened a love I did not know I was capable of feeling. There the dream ended but the creature of exquisite beauty still lives on somewhere deep within, haunting me with a magic that does not belong to this world.

I think, the place the spirit took me to was my own heart and the special light I drank was the light of my soul, for only in this light can one see true beauty, not by ordinary light.