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Accessibility & Feedback

If you have trouble using G Caffe with certain web browsers or other software or if you want to let us know how we can improve accessibility, please let us know by clicking here to contact G Caffe. Feedback and suggestions help to improve services.

May it be known that information on G Caffe might be out of date, incomplete, contain some errors or be in some way unreliable… as all these depend on different time zones and vary from person to person. Just to be sure, please check any information obtained from G Caffe before acting upon it in any way.

As a user, you may have different opinions and at times might feel like sharing with G Caffe. You are encouraged to speak your mind.

If you have any issue (with G Caffe) that is bothering you, discuss and resolve. If in doubt, please don’t leave it out. Talk. For queries, comments, complaints or feedback regarding G Caffe, just get in touch. Click here to contact G Caffe or write to mail@gcaffe.com