Tea Cups, Coffee Mugs & Friendship Day


As the night creeps in and I sip my coffee… my mind runs… my fingers fiddle…words jumble up and I write…

I spent the whole day today among people and by people I mean a whole lot of people. It was a sea of heads and I did not know a soul, till wherever I could see I saw only humans. All shapes… all sizes… all colours… so many faces … so many languages, and would you believe me if I said I knew no one. The one thing which I saw common was that they were all there for a reason and the reason was love.

It was Friendship Day today and each one was celebrating in his-her own manner the season of trust and love. Some were in love, some were just friends, some were with their families, some were just alone, some were shopping, some were eating, some were laughing, some were chatting. All in all each and every one of them was a happy soul.

Though I was tired and dizzy seeing so many people as I walked all over the huge mall and was feeling suffocated, one thing I did notice and that was the smiles people had on their faces which said a thousand words.

It is so amazing to see how people did celebrate the day everywhere and wished all their friends on Facebook… Twitter… messages… phone calls… and personally too. It surely brings a smile to my face.

As I waited for my bunch of friends to come and join me in the madness I smiled. Though I was alone but I was not lonely and this was only due to the friends I have in life who have stood by me all these years, old and new, many and few!

My thoughts wandered and I found a million reasons to smile and a trillion visions down the years as I saw them in all age groups – friends from 6 to 60. I missed a few dear friends whom have not seen and will not see ever… I missed a few I would love to meet soon and I will… I know… I called some as I wanted to hear their voices and reached out to a few who are far away.

Me … I hate being alone, have always hated, have always loved people around me, innumerable tea cups and coffee mugs I shared with so many a hearts listening to my blabber mostly which had no meaning, joys and happiness, big and small cribbing, sharing anxieties, troubles which at one time seemed so big, later on I did have a good laugh on them, patiently they heard me without a frown on their forehead, with a clean heart and a golden smile… they lifted me up always.

In my times of sadness, somehow (don’t ask me how) they always got to know that I needed them and I always had a hand to hold … a shoulder to lean… a finger to wipe my tear before it touched my eyelid and most important a napkin to wipe my nose from dripping. They fought my battles with guns on their shoulders and stood like a wall in front of me before any bullet could hit me, sent me hugs when I needed to be hugged, traveled miles come rain come shine to see me, ate what is my favourite and shared my drinks. sang to me and heard me sing.

As I would pass by a thing with a look of want in my eyes … ahh the next moment the thing would be mine forever … without asking for it… ohh made me cry… how touched I am is indescribable.

I have always learnt from my friends and will keep on doing so… they have taught me and made me what I am today. I owe them a lifetime. Many a times I have heard that all this is useless and a waste of time but I know, this is soul food and I do not regret a single moment spent with any one of you my dears.

And if I was given a chance to relive my life – I would live it in the same manner and choose the same friends and share the same tea cups in the same coffee shop and relive each and every moment of sheer happiness all over again.

This reminded me of my coffee post I wrote earlier… Ahhh the effect of caffeine is so divine~~ Heavenly… Enjoy my dear friends ~ Coffee~ Soulfully Divine. Can you smell the aroma…hmmmmm…..!!!