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Ganesa Natyalaya eying world record by Nitya Akhanda Nrittam


27 hours | 300 dancers | 4 continents| 1 venue | 1 world record

Dance brings together people from all walks of life together and gives one the opportunity to integrate without boundaries.

With this vision, Ganesa Natyalaya has created an opportunity to give various groups from around the world, to perform and interact with each other to create a stronger rapport within the Bharatanatyam fraternity.  

Nitya Akhanda Nrittam or NAN, is one of its kind Bharatanatyam festival, conceived and conceptualized by Padmabhushan Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan. 

This festival is a 27-hour-marathon relay of Bharatanatyam to be performed by 300 dancers from across the globe.

NAN said it aims to set a world record in Bharatanatyam, as dancers of different nationalities who find a home in Bharatanatyam, have come together in this unique endeavour.

This initiative is geared towards adding yet another feature to India’s global cultural value.

It is the longest Bharatanatyam Dance Relay of 27 hours, making it a historic event marking a cultural milestone for not just the art form but also for all Indian classical dances and for India.

Ganesa Natyalaya eying world record by Nitya Akhanda Nrittam

This festival invites everyone who appreciates dance to come and witness the live performance of young and established Bharatnatyam dancers across the globe, without having to spend money on tickets.

Special choreography has been designed for this event, which goes on for 27 hours live.

According to organisers, this event is an attempt to promote and preserve the traditional art of Bharatanatyam and bring together artists from all walks of life together.

An event of such a scale and scope requires support and NAN has taken to the medium of crowd funding to gather this support.

Event Details

Date: 23rd September, 2017 (10 am onwards) to 24th September, 2017 (until 1 pm)

Venue: Ganesa Natyalaya, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi