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A hundred years ago the Tatas built a huge empire. Then came the Birlas and then the Ambanis. The question is not that they built these huge institutions, but that they have managed to maintain their glory over these hundred years.

What is to be wondered now is how did they find such dedicated workers who lasted them so many years! In yesteryears, from what history holds for us, people single handedly struggled and then they built a team. That team lasted them for years to come. They made townships and were called the fathers of the industry. Loyalty was a virtue everyone had.

Where has all the loyalty disappeared in this era

What has happened now? Where has all the loyalty disappeared in this era? Where ever we go, be it big industries, schools, parlours, big brands, banks, shops, hospitals… anything, every time you find new faces. It’s seldom these days that people dedicate themselves to one institution or organization. Why is it so?

The run for more and more money is what makes them leave for better opportunities, maybe! But does that not dilute their commitment? Does this go without saying that there is practically no loyalty, any more!

It is sad but that is truly what this whole new generation of people are growing up to be. They will struggle alone and be lonely and also may never make it to the top. If only we had learnt something from our ancestors.